Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   May 16, 2017  |   
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Managing with Asana [Webinar]

Recently, I taught a customer webinar for Asana. The topic was how to manage better using Asana, and this was material I had never offered for free before. The response was great and there [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   December 6, 2016  |   
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Asana re-releases Project Templates

One of the most powerful aspects of Asana is the ability to create dozens of tasks, assigned to the right people, in just a few clicks using templates. A template is essentially a pre-made [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   October 26, 2016  |   
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New API available for Custom Fields

Earlier this year, Asana released Custom Fields which allow organizations on Asana Premium to track custom types of information in text and number fields. Asana just released a new API that [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   August 25, 2016  |   
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Rock college like a boss with Asana

There’s a lot of demands at college…classes, reports, club meetings, sports—and a social life is nice, too. It can be difficult keeping up with everything without letting a few proverbial [...]