Asana changes “Guests” in Premium Workspaces, increasing paid user counts

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Asana, Inc. recently changed their pricing structure for Premium Workspaces by counting external users (like contractors or clients) as part of the paid user count. Previously, some users were considered “guests” and did not count towards Premium member counts.

For Workspaces, the term “Guests” is no longer used, and instead they are called “Limited Access Members.” If your team uses a Premium Workspace (rather than an Organization) and invites many contractors or clients to collaborate, your pricing tier may have increased significantly.

This was a very reasonable move by Asana since it would have been easy for their customer base to call users “Guests” and not pay for them when they were in fact regular team members.

This pricing change does not affect Premium Organizations or any free tiers (since all users count towards the 15-member limit).

Organizations can now also invite “Limited Access Members” into projects which are internal users who have access to some projects, but not full visibility into a whole team. These users DO count towards the total paid user count unless they are using an external email domain (which is still considered a “guest”).

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