Get 5 Lessons FREE

Test drive the Asana Training Masterclass and see how you can become an Asana ninja in less than a day!

Get 5 FREE Lessons

Test drive the Asana Training Masterclass and see how you can become an Asana ninja in less than a day!

Sign up to access 45 minutes of Asana training FREE!

Sign up to access 45 minutes of Asana training FREE!

The Asana Training Masterclass is a guide that teaches you everything you need to know to make your team more effective with one of the fastest-growing platforms for tracking work. There are around 60 lessons of insight-packed content that include over 8 hours of full HD video.

Companies typically pay thousands of dollars for access to this training customized for their businesses, but you can get the same material in this easy-to-follow, comprehensive course.

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  • "We have almost complete buy-in from our entire team. Your training was a great jumping off point."

    Alissa Clark
    Alissa Clark Mercedes-Benz Research & Development
  • "Before the training, many team members were fearful and worried about this process. By the end, the attitude shifted to excitement and buying into the system."

    Cerena Figueroa
    Cerena Figueroa Chiefs for Change
  • "Our company has used Asana for a while, but we never received any tutorials until now. This training was great and will allow me to utilize Asana to its fullest—and keep my inbox down."

    Shannon Purvis
    Shannon Purvis Cardinal Financial
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Six insight-packed modules

Module 1

Task management 101

Discusses task management principles to provide a shared framework with which to discuss future issues and planning

Module 2

Asana essentials

This mini-course covers the basics and is perfect to get employees on-boarded and proficient with Asana in less than a day

Module 3

Becoming an Asana ninja

Examines advanced concepts such as search reports, templates, dependencies, calendar integrations, and custom fields

Module 4

Applications & use cases

Study real-life applications like editorial calendars, bug-tracking, running meetings, event planning, or employee on-boarding

Module 5 (PLUS & LIFETIME)

Managers & executives

Learn concepts specific to leaders—like establishing company Asana conventions—that will help you deploy Asana successfully

Module 6 (PLUS & LIFETIME)

Integrations & enhancements

Determine how integrations and 3rd-party tools can expand Asana’s capabilities and serve as a hub for many business functions

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