How to combine Asana Workspaces into one Organization

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A business or nonprofit usually starts with a free Asana workspace or organization to take advantage Asana’s generous free 15 users. If the budget is not available, I’ve often seen them start a 2nd free workspace or organization (and even more!) to avoid paying fees for groups beyond 15 people if there isn’t much cross-collaboration between teams. (Remember, the biggest difference between workspaces and organizations is that workspaces don’t have teams, but organizations do).

But what if you reach the point where you want to centralize information in one Asana organization so teammates can easily assign tasks to each other and view all their tasks in My Tasks, regardless of the team in which the task belongs?

Asana’s support team offers a way to combine your Asana workspaces and organizations into one new organization. The secret is to set up a free migration request. Note: You may need to start paying for Asana Premium if your combined organization has over 15 people. It’s worth it!

The process is not seamless, unfortunately. Some details will not be imported including likes, conversations, project colors, rich text in comments, favorites, and custom fields!

Here’s a list of other caveats and notes about Asana migrations:

  • During the migration process, the source domains (whichever domains are smaller in terms of projects & tasks) will be taken offline, and may be unavailable for up to a full day.
  • If the smaller domains have a premium subscription, they will need to be downgraded back to free before we can move them.
  • Workspaces and/or Organizations can be migrated into another Organization. However, it is not possible to migrate a Workspace into another Workspace.
  • It is not possible to migrate items from your Personal Projects.
  • Tasks and comments from the source domain will appear to be created by an import bot user.
  • Comments from the source domain will be added so the creation date and original author is visible, but they will not be searchable.
  • Hyperlinks to people and tasks in the source domain will no longer work or appear as they did previously.
  • Migrated projects may appear in a different order in your sidebar.
  • Times from the source domain will be rounded to the date.
  • Generally data visibility will stay the same, except that tasks marked as public using the padlock icon could be visible to different people. This is because in the Organization, anyone with an email from the domain will be an Organization Member and anyone else will be an Organization Guest. Team Memberships will reflect the same permissions as those from the Workspace.
  • Projects and tasks from the source domain that are private will remain private.
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