On-site training seminar

White glove service for your entire team

Receive professional Asana training at your office

We routinely travel around the country to help companies transition to Asana seamlessly.

Receive professional Asana training at your office

We routinely travel around the country to help companies transition to Asana seamlessly.


By being present, we can physically show how to perform certain functions for the highest levels of learning retention.

Comprehensive Training

Receive training in general team task management and an A-Z walkthrough of Asana with real-life examples and applications.

Demonstrate Importance

Show your team the value Asana brings by making the training an event. Lunch and an outside speaker indicate this isn’t just any meeting.

What to expect

  • Everyone to have a shared framework and terminology with which to discuss future issues and planning
  • A comprehensive walkthrough of Asana so everyone knows how to get started right away
  • An overview of some different applications of how Asana can be utilized (lead capture, lightweight CRM, meeting agenda tool, reporting tool for managers, etc.)
  • Everyone’s immediate questions answered (some more may pop up after beginning to use it for a week or two)
  • A general excitement for what Asana can do for your team–although some people will always resist change 🙂
  • Some time specifically with managers to begin planning out actual projects


The cost for on-site training is dependent on a number of factors including location, proximity to airports, and number of people in training.


Pricing around $2,750 + travel expenses.

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Frequently asked questions

What does a normal seminar agenda look like?

1) General task management principles
The technology we use will always change, but the principles of task management continue to serve us. We’ll unpack some insights from the Getting Things Done (GTD) system to get us started with some shared concepts and terminology for the rest of the day.

2) Introduction to Asana
Utilizing video, a presentation, and real-life examples, everyone will learn the basics of team task management using Asana.

3) Becoming an Asana ninja
We’ll explore concepts and features that will turn every team member into a project-leading, goal-crushing Asana ninja.

4) Q&A, 1-on-1, and management consulting (if desired)
Finally, we’ll end the day with a chance to ask difficult questions that can receive individualized responses, as well as a time for management (or other Asana administrators) to discuss recommended policies and conventions for Asana.

How long does the training take?

We can tailor the training to your specific timing needs. Most organizations start the seminar around 9:00am. With breaks (including lunch), the general training usually ends around 2:30pm with some fluctuations due to factors like number of questions asked. Afterwards, managers can choose to continue the conversation to discuss company conventions or other questions.

What payment methods are available?

For on-site training, we require a deposit so we can secure travel arrangements. The deposit can be paid by all major credit cards. The remainder of the balance is to be paid by check within 14 days of the training.

What does the booking process look like?

After agreeing on a date and putting down a non-refundable deposit, you will hear from us about additional information regarding your goals, the best time, A/V needs, etc. We will make all travel arrangements, so you can sit back and get your team excited for the training! No prior experience or training is necessary before we arrive.

Do you offer nonprofit pricing?

Yes! We’re happy to offer a 10% discount to churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations. Please use the contact form above so we can work out the payment details.

Are you affiliated with Asana, Inc.?

No, we are a completely independent company that helps organizations with project management. Project Management Pros has been instructing and consulting companies about Asana since 2013, years before Asana, Inc. offered any type of official program for consultants or partners. Since then, we have become an official Asana Certified Pro.

Because of this, we’re able to say what Asana, Inc. won’t, like how to make the most of the free version of Asana—or even when another tool might work better.

We’re not trying to sell you Asana. We’re trying to get you results.

Can I record the Asana training session?

You may not record the training sessions without our written consent. A video/screen recording is available for an additional $200 fee. Recordings may be used for internal use only. Please use the contact form above to let us know you want to purchase a recording license.

Can I ask more questions or talk to someone before I pay?

Absolutely! Just use the quote form above and we’ll respond in a jiffy. If you prefer to speak to someone by phone, please use the link below to set up a call (you’ll be able to include any relevant colleagues you wish).

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