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Asana pricing: How much does Asana cost?

Updated September 2019 after the most recent price increase
Asana's pricing structure has changed several times since it was founded in 2008. They have always offered a very generous free version that many small businesses and nonprofits embraced. Originally, they allowed 20 free users with unlimited projects. Virtually all the features (except for a few privacy settings) were included, and they targeted larger businesses who needed 20+ seats as their first paying customers.

Today, Asana still offers a wonderful free project management solution up to 15 people, but many features (Portfolios, Search Reports, Custom Fields, Dependencies) are reserved for paying customers. Let's discuss which plan is right for your organization.

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 |   January 24, 2019  |   
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Creating & sharing tables in Asana

Your office may have workflows where they need to share simple tables of information. Emailing spreadsheets back and forth takes work tracking away from Asana which introduces more complexity, so that should be avoided. So what are the options to share tables in Asana?

Asana does not have native table functionality. You can't paste HTML tables, and there is no built-in table editor the way something like Airtable or Smartsheets allows.

Here's a few methods you might want to consider depending on your needs:

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Free cheatsheets for Asana keyboard shortcuts

One of the best ways to speed up your workflows in Asana is to learn some of the many built-in keyboard shortcuts. Some of my favorite Asana keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Tab + Backspace = Delete selected task
  • Tab + M = Assign task to me
  • Tab + Y, Tab + U, Tab + L = Move task in My Tasks to Today, Upcoming, or Later

You can always access the full list of keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the Help button in the top right corner and selecting "Keyboard shortcuts." This provides a pop up of every single keyboard shortcut.

But our friends at Unito put together some handy guides of all the Asana keyboard shortcuts overlaid on a keyboard. Save or print a copy as a reference when you're ready to up your Asana game!

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 |   October 12, 2018  |   
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Asana eliminating Dashboards soon—and maybe users’ trust

In case you haven't heard, Asana sent an email to a limited number of users and posted a nonchalant message on the Asana Forums that they plan to remove the Dashboard feature for all users on December 1, 2018. They have also alluded to a replacement feature called that will debut around the same time—but only for Enterprise customers.

Dashboards were Asana's attempt to provide a high-level overview of various projects with the ability for team members to update project statuses and add notes. Some teams have integrated Dashboards tightly into their workflows, but most teams do not seem to have not found the current implementation helpful and thus aren't using them. A big part of this is there is no way to roll up projects together, add and search by project metadata (like Custom Fields), or track projects with any type of system like OKRs.

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 |   October 4, 2018  |   
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Asana for Outlook add-in creates Asana tasks directly from Office 365

Email is a stalwart of the office, and it's not going away any time soon. For organizations using Microsoft Office 365®, you can install a free app called Asana for Outlook to turn emails into trackable tasks.

Without having to leave Outlook, you can now perform two actions in Asana:

  1. Create a new task in Asana with an assignee, project, due date, and description
  2. Add the content of an email as a task comment in Asana

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Export Asana data just the way you want with Bridge24

Bridge24 provides enhanced reporting and exporting capabilities for Asana, as well as a few other tools like Trello and Basecamp. It provides a separate interface that—while not as pretty as Asana—allows more functionality around building custom filters for sorting, viewing, and combining your projects in specific ways.

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Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   July 3, 2018  |   
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Finally, create nice-looking reports for Asana with the Asana2Go Chrome extension

Most people can get all the information they need to do their work directly within Asana, but from our consulting experience we've noticed that there is often a need to report to people who aren't using Asana. This might be an executive team, another department, or an offsite meeting where paper handouts are helpful.

Asana's reporting and exporting features are unfortunately very basic.

You can export data into a CSV file, but it's formatted poorly and the tasks (and subtasks) don't appear in any discernible order. Or...

  1. You can print a list view or save it as a PDF, but it's not customizable at all so you're forced to print subtasks and task descriptions that you'd rather not.
  2. Despite continuous grumbling in the Asana community, improving Asana's reporting capabilities does not seem to be a priority for Asana, Inc. The ability to create nice-looking reports has been noticeably absent for years, which is a bit surprising for such a cutting-edge project management solution.

However, an ambitious developer has created Asana2Go, a Chrome extension that makes it possible to create perfectly formatted, customizable reports in a few clicks. It's currently free while in beta.

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