Save 10% on Asana!

New customers can save big on an annual Asana Premium or Business plan. Use the promo code toddcavanaugh!

Directions to use Asana promo code for a 10% discount

Steps for Asana discount

  1. If you don’t already have an Asana account, sign up for free here.
  2. While logged in, click here and enter promo code toddcavanaugh (all lower case) for an additional 10% off an annual Premium or Business subscription.
  3. Your 10% discount will appear on your first billing statement. Woo hoo!

Special notes

  • Teams in organizations/workspaces that have already paid for an Asana plan in the past are not eligible for this special offer.
  • You must use a custom domain email address, not a third-party email service (e.g.,,,, etc. will not work).
  • If you purchase Asana using this special offer, we may get a small share of the sale.
  • Looking for a custom quote on Enterprise? Contact us and we can assist.

BONUS!! Get the Asana Training Masterclass for FREE!

If you sign up for a plan with 30 or more seats through this page, contact us for a free membership to the Asana Training Masterclassa $497 value!

With this premium online course, you will experience:

  • Over 8 hours of full HD video and over 60 lessons of step-by-step guidance to fully integrate Asana into your team(s) (View Curriculum)
  • A comprehensive walkthrough of Asana so everyone knows how to get started right away
  • An “Asana Essentials” mini-course for new hires to go from 0–60 in Asana in less than a day
  • An overview of different applications of how Asana can be utilized(lead capture, meeting agenda tool, editorial calendar, reporting tool for managers, etc.)
  • Explanation of some key integrations with 3rd-party tools
  • manager/executive section to discuss company conventions and tips for deploying Asana successfully
Free membership is for one six-month term of the Asana Training Masterclass (PLUS) and is dependent on verification from Asana, Inc. that the purchase was attributed to Project Management Pros. Please see the special notes on the page for additional guidelines.

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