Asana Training Masterclass

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The Asana Training Masterclass is a guide that teaches you everything you need to know to make your team more effective with one of the fastest-growing platforms for tracking work. There are around 60 lessons of insight-packed content that include over 8 hours of full HD video.

To start, we’re going to discuss some task management principles to understand some of the concepts behind Asana. The Asana Essentials section is an overview of the Asana interface and a walkthrough of the entire platform. This is essentially a 2-hour mini-course that’s perfect to help new employees go from 0-60 on Asana in less than a day.

Next, we’re going to turn you into an Asana ninja. We’re going to cover more advanced concepts like building time-saving reports, looking at real-life applications like lead capture or running more efficient meetings, and we’ll even touch on some workflows for specific types of teams, like software developers using a Scrum methodology.

There are also 2 PLUS & LIFETIME modules that cover topics for managers as well as some third-party extensions, like Instagantt and Zapier.

Enroll today! There’s nothing that pays for itself faster than investing in your team to get things done quicker and easier.

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