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Earlier this year, Asana released Custom Fields which allow organizations on Asana Premium to track custom types of information in text and number fields. Asana just released a new API that allow programmers to offer new types of scripts and integrations with these custom data fields.

According to Asana’s blog article, the most robust use of this API to date is by a service called Unito that connects different project management tools. This integration syncs Github and Asana. This will be exciting news especially to software development teams that use Asana but need Github’s more robust code-tracking features.

Although there aren’t more integrations developed yet, this new API opens the door for more integrations that will change Asana as task management tool to a business hub. Imagine of a Salesforce integration that keeps your contacts and tasks in sync. Or a LinkedIn integration used for recruiting. The possibilities are exciting, but it will take programmers time to develop these types of integrations.

In the near-term, I hope Asana works with Zapier to update the available zaps (read: integrations). This will create new syncing options accessible to non-programmers. This could make it possible to track event registrants in a Google spreadsheet and have it update Asana with their custom information like workplace, role, and if they are a speaker or not, for example.

What types of programs or information do you wish you could integrate soon?

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