Meet Screenful, Asana’s dashboards on steroids

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Asana is a fantastic tool, but one area that could use improvement is with reporting. One tool that has stepped up to provide better visual dashboards is Screenful.

Screenful focuses on improving communication between all stakeholders in software development (especially using an Agile methodology), but it’s generic enough that it works for all sorts of teams that use a “Not Started, In Progress, Done” approach. Examples of customer use cases include tracking things like manufacturing, sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, house building, order processing, content production, and more.

It's pretty neat how this burnup chart shows best and worst case scenarios based on previous work velocity.

After connecting Asana and Screenful and choosing an Asana project, you’ll get a variety of pre-built, customizable dashboards that do the following (according to the product release notes):

  • Track sprints and milestones with burndown and burnup charts
    • See how much work was planned vs. actually done over multiple sprints
    • Get a data-driven forecast for a completion of a project
    • See best and worst case scenarios based on historical velocity
  • Communicate the status of your team to everyone around
    • Who’s working on what right now?
    • What has been recently completed?
    • Which tasks are due?
  • See how work flows through your process—track metrics and spot bottlenecks
    • How quickly tasks are resolved after work is started?
    • What is the average cycle time per workflow state or per task type?
    • How is time distributed between different activities?

One of my favorite parts of Screenful is a TV mode. Never underestimate the impression a cool TV dashboard can make on a client passing through!

Open Tasks in Screenful
Who cares what this chart means—boy does it look sweet on a 65-inch TV! DATA!!!

Screenful works with other tools as well like Trello, Jira, and GitHub. Screenful starts at $29/month with a 50% discount for companies with less than 10 employees.

Learn more about Screenful | Screenful & Asana

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