Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   July 15, 2020  |   
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The “Future of Asana” recap

Asana, Inc. recently premiered a 23-minute presentation giving an "exclusive look at our multi-year product vision and the future of work with Asana." Some parts were exciting, some maybe [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   February 20, 2018  |   
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Meet Screenful, Asana’s dashboards on steroids

Asana is a fantastic tool, but one area that could use improvement is with reporting. One tool that has stepped up to provide better visual dashboards is Screenful


Screenful focuses [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   May 16, 2017  |   
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Managing with Asana [Webinar]

Recently, I taught a customer webinar for Asana. The topic was how to manage better using Asana, and this was material I had never offered for free before. The response was great and there [...]