Free cheatsheets for Asana keyboard shortcuts

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One of the best ways to speed up your workflows in Asana is to learn some of the many built-in keyboard shortcuts. Some of my favorite Asana keyboard shortcuts include:

  • Tab + Backspace = Delete selected task
  • Tab + M = Assign task to me
  • Tab + Y, Tab + U, Tab + L = Move task in My Tasks to Today, Upcoming, or Later

You can always access the full list of keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the Help button in the top right corner and selecting “Keyboard shortcuts.” This provides a pop up of every single keyboard shortcut.

All keyboard shortcuts are located in the help menu.

But our friends at Unito put together some handy guides of all the Asana keyboard shortcuts overlaid on a keyboard. Save or print a copy as a reference when you’re ready to up your Asana game!

Asana keyboard shortcuts for macOS

Asana keyboard shortcuts for Windows

Unito | The complete Asana shortkeys guide

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