Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   July 15, 2020  |   
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The “Future of Asana” recap

Asana, Inc. recently premiered a 23-minute presentation giving an "exclusive look at our multi-year product vision and the future of work with Asana." Some parts were exciting, some maybe [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   February 13, 2018  |   
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Event Planning with Asana

Prior to founding Project Management Pros, I led a nonprofit that frequently planned events for upwards of 1000 people. I quickly learned how fantastic Asana is for event planning, and it [...]

Written by   Todd Cavanaugh
 |   December 6, 2016  |   
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Asana re-releases Project Templates

One of the most powerful aspects of Asana is the ability to create dozens of tasks, assigned to the right people, in just a few clicks using templates. A template is essentially a pre-made [...]