So how popular is Asana? Asana vs. The Competition

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Asana was founded in 2008 but has already grown into a project management powerhouse, especially popular with small businesses. Asana has announced over 15,000 organizations using their software, as well as 140,000+ teams. In September 2015, Asana said they were adding 10,000+ teams every month.

When organizations are choosing a project management platform, I think people want to know if a system has momentum behind it. Are users flocking to or away from it? Does it have a strong user base and community?

Project Management Zone, data collected and maintained by an Austrian IT consulting company, has created an algorithm to rank the most popular project management systems.

Here’s the results from April 2017:

Rank Project Management System Score
1 Microsoft Project 4,427
2 Primavera (Oracle) 1,115
3 JIRA 1,054
4 Trello 495
5 Basecamp 367
6 Asana 279
7 Zoho 207
8 Smartsheet 153
9 Wrike 97
10 Pivotal Tracker 54

The score is based on a number of parameters including mentions of the system online, number of mentions on LinkedIn, and the Alexa rank (popularity) of the system’s website.

Asana ranks #6 out of over 200 platforms. Of the systems in the top 10, Microsoft Project, Primavera, and Basecamp are losing steam, and all the rest are gaining traction.

Overall, I’m not too surprised. It’s impressive what Asana has been able to accomplish in a short time, and I think we’ll continue to see declines from traditional project management systems like Microsoft Project and Primavera as newer, more advanced SaaS products thrive.

The Asana user base continues to grow. And if you haven’t signed up yet, check out the Asana community as well which is growing significantly.

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