Asana for Outlook add-in creates Asana tasks directly from Office 365

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Email is a stalwart of the office, and it’s not going away any time soon. For organizations using Microsoft Office 365®, you can install a free app called Asana for Outlook to turn emails into trackable tasks.

Without having to leave Outlook, you can now perform two actions in Asana:

  1. Create a new task in Asana with an assignee, project, due date, and description
  2. Add the content of an email as a task comment in Asana

Although users have long been able create tasks in Asana directly from their email (by forwarding to [email protected] from their email address associated with their Asana account), this simplifies the process and makes it possible to add a project and due date.

There has already been a more powerful plugin for Outlook for Windows called Sendana that also allows you to do things like create Asana project conversations from Outlook. (You can get a free license of Sendana when purchasing the Asana Training Masterclass). But the official Asana for Outlook plugin brings cross-platform access and is available in the browser for Office 365, and it also supports Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 for Mac.

Note: You must have a work or school Microsoft Office 365 account to install the Asana for Outlook add-in. A personal account will not work.

Download Asana for Outlook
Asana for Outlook helps you transform passive emails into actionable tasks. You can install it from the Microsoft AppSource.

Although the new add-in is helpful, there are still significant limitations as opposed to just creating the task directly in Asana.

For example, with Outlook for Asana you cannot:

  • Add a task to multiple projects
  • Add Tags or Custom Field data
  • Add followers
  • Attach other relevant files

So keep in mind that you will often still need to edit the file within Asana to add all the information you need. Because of this, we recommend you get in the habit of creating tasks directly in Asana.

What do you think of Asana for Outlook? Is there anything else you wish it could do?

Asana for Outlook | Download & Install

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